About us


Fred Frumberg, Chair

Fred Frumberg moved to Cambodia in June 1997 as a consultant with UNESCO, to assist in the revival and preservation of Cambodian traditional performing arts. In July 2003 Fred founded Amrita Performing Arts to continue these efforts and introduce an element of contemporary creativity. Prior to Cambodia, Fred spent 15 years working in opera houses and theaters throughout the USA and Europe, assisting stage directors such as Peter Sellers, Francesca Zambello and Deborah Warner. He was Head of the stage directing department at the Paris Opera from 1994-1997, a staff stage director for the Netherlands Opera in the late 1980s and production manager for two World Festivals of Sacred Music in Los Angeles in 1999 and 2002. After 10 years as executive director for Amrita Performing Arts, Fred moved to Singapore in September 2013 to assume the role of director of production for the Singapore International Festival of Arts.